27 September 2009

Eating Out: Pizza

Pizza has won a good position in our "top twenty" favorite foods.
Once in a while, I take the time to cook homemade Pizza from scratch but we also like to eat out. Well, nowadays, with our busy city lifestyle who doesn´t?
The pictures above were taken this summer in Faro´s "Telepizza" restaurant. We had a medium size (for 2 persons) "Carbonara Pizza" with an extra ingredient, sweet corn.
This Pizza company provides take away, phone orders with delivery service, plus restaurant. What I like most about this company is the price quality relation and "Crazy Wednesdays" promotion: 50% off any order.

Disclosure: I included a brand name in this post because I like it and as a part of Portuguese Menu "Restaurants" section. This blog does not accept cash or any type of reward to publish posts.

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