8 May 2010

Pastéis de Nata...Probably the Most Famous Portuguese Cake

Im not sure, I think I´ve said it before...gotta look in the archives, but Pasteis de Nata are truly a popular/traditional cake among Portuguese...
You can find "Pastéis de Nata" in every cafe, "Pastelaria" (cake shop in Portuguese) and supermarket, they´re just everywhere!
The one in the picture was found in "Guia Shopping". He was looking at me and, suddenly, disappeared leaving a cinnamon trace behind him :)

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even-star said...

Best pastel de nata I ever had was in Alcacer do Sal. Can't remember the name of the place. Little whole in the wall. Right on the river across from the boat on the side walk. Just perfect with a bica.