3 May 2010

Portuguese Chouriço Breads

In Portugal, Chouriço breads are typical and very appreciated as a snack. Portugal produces different types of Chouriço.
Some types of Chouriço have The Portuguese Typical Products Seal, for example: "Alheira", "Farinheira" and "Chouriço Porco Preto". These specialities are produced in regions where pork meat abounds, such as North, Beiras, Alentejo and Algarve.
Last week, I bought a Black Pork Portuguese Chouriço to cook my Beans Recipe and because it was too big I decided to make some breads as weekend snack.
Here´s my recipe:

Make a bread dough with:

~ 500 gr flour (special for bread)
~ 2 tbs Olive Oil
~ pinch of salt
~ 200 ml water

A wood oven would be the traditional way to bake Chouriço Breads but once I don´t have any I guess my electric oven does a fine job:

My homemade Chouriço breads were crispy outside and tender inside, just how we like them.
PS: Bakes at 200ºC for 30/40 minutes. 500 gr flour made 6 small breads.


WizzyTheStick said...

Oh yum. These look great. I wonder if they can be done outdoors over coals in lieu of a wood oven?

Mizé said...

Hello Wizzy,
Yes...I think you can do them outdoors as well. Portuguese typical ovens are outside the house or in a close division built right next to it. Modern houses here have both outdoor closed and open ovens. Just be sure the temperature isn´t too hot or else what happens is they burn outside and don´t get cooked inside.
I´m already smelling this snack and good chouriço cooking aroma :)

Anonymous said...

Can you please give the instructions for the baking temperature and duration?


Prisqua said...

Omg, they look so yummy, I am going to give this recipe a try.