1 August 2010

Fried Garlic Rice

Garlic rice is one of my favorite rice recipes. It goes well with almost every meat dish. Here´s how I do it:

~ Boil 2 cups of rice in salted water.
~ Wash rice in abundant water. Reserve while you fry garlic.
~ Put 2 smashed garlic cloves (don´t remove peel) in a pan, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Take it to (medium temperature) stove.
~ When the garlic is fried, add the rice. Let it fry, stir once in a while so the rice doesn´t stick to the pan. Check salt and add if necessary.
~ The longer the rice fries, the harder it gets.


MAC said...

I really like the sound of this. I love rice but have never thought about doing a combination of just rice and garlic.
Thank you

charmie said...

I'm looking for a garlic rice recipe, wow thanks for this. Copied it :)

Karen said...

This sounds good. The rice is supposed to get crispy - is that right? Also, why don't you peel the garlic?

Mizé said...

Thanks for commenting ladies, & sorry for my late response.

Mizé said...

MAC: I learned how to cook Garlic Rice & Garlic Spaghetti with my father.
He spent 13 years in Brazil, and that´s where the Garlic Rice recipe comes from, it´s very common there.
Try it out and let me know if you enjoyed it.
Warm Regards,

Mizé said...

You´re welcome!
That´s one of the main reasons of my food blog: Sharing

Mizé said...

Karen: Right! Crispy is the right word. Translation is my weakness... not a native and sometimes the right words just don´t come out.
Now...about not peeling the garlic: that deserves a whole post in my readers questions section.
Check it out later :)
Warm Regards,