9 November 2010

More Portuguese Goodies from St. Iria Fair

Hello everyone,
Today I´m posting another set of pictures I took in St. Iria Funfair. The pictures show more Portuguese goodies and typical products you can find in most Portuguese regions.
Each Portuguese region´s capital has it´s own yearly funfair, plus, in most villages there´s a monthly market in which producers sell their goods. The bigger funfairs and some of the markets are a mixture of an amusement park and a marketplace:
(click the pictures to enlarge)

Queijo, Presunto, Toucinho, Torresmos, Chouriço & Farinheira

Figos (Figs), Figs and Almonds

Cebolas (onions), Alhos (garlic), Tremoços, Azeitonas (olives)

Nozes, Avelãs (nuts), Castanhas, Feijão (dry beans)

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