2 November 2010

Portuguese Typical Sweets In Yearly Sta. Iria Funfair

Sta. Iria Funfair comes to Faro once a year, always in October´s second half.
Besides carousels, there´s a market in which you can buy food, sweets, kitchen utensils, clothes, bags, shoes, and many other things.
Like in most Portuguese funfairs, you can find the small popcorn tent, the drinks´tent, Petiscos, fast food and typical "Farturas" or "Filhós".
This year, I went to the fair twice and in both occasions I took some pictures to share with Portuguese Menu readers. Here´s the first set, legends are the sweet´s Portuguese name:

Pão Doce, Cavacas, Tortas & Different Biscuits

Regionais, typical south Portugal region - Algarve - sweets

Estrelas, Figos Cheios, Bolo de Figo

Tarte Amêndoa, Pasteis, Suspiros, Azevias

D. Rodrigo

Humm...mouth-watering just by looking. All great Portuguese sweets :)


Maria Mcclain said...

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Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, I wan some Portuguese sweet delights too, me and my sweet tooth! :)