19 December 2010

Portuguese "Rabanadas"

Christmas is arriving. This year, I´m planning to spend Christmas Eve in my hometown with my daughter and my mother. This means that I will be traveling and won´t be coking or baking much. Well, at least not in my kitchen.
The picture above are "Rabanadas", one of the Portuguese typical Christmas sweets. I do Rabanadas all year round, specially when I have some old bread and am craving for something sweet.
You can check my archives for more Portuguese Christmas Sweets .

A Portuguese Menu reader left me a comment asking for "Filhoses Enroladas" recipe, which is a typical Portuguese Christmas sweet. Filhoses Enroladas are made of a fried dough which is fried in hot oil and then covered with melted sugar. I will make some Filhoses after Christmas, for New Year, but I will try to post my recipe before.
See you soon :)

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