5 December 2010

Portuguese Fruit of the Season: Clementinas

Hello everyone, hope you´re all having a good weekend.
Here in south Portugal is cold and rainy. We are back to soups and hot dishes. I´m doing a "sweets" pause before Christmas and today my Menu includes Beans Stew Recipe. I will take some pictures to post later.
It´s been a while since my last "Fruit of the Season" post, and now that Winter arrived, we´re back to "winter" fruits: citrons, apples and bananas.
Portugal is a citrons producer. For example, my hometown´s traditional sweet is a small cookie boat filled with orange sweet: "Barcos de Laranja".
My favorite type of orange is the small ones you can see in the picture above. We call them "Clementinas" (plural) and, usually, they´re very juicy and sweet.
See you soon :)

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