19 February 2011

Portuguese Menu Reader´s Questions

I have received a few questions from readers and today I´m answering them all in one post.

~ The first question is about the "Pao de Ló" recipe I´ve published a few months back. The reader asked if "I was writing from my experience or if I found the information online".
My answer is: I´m writing from my experience. All recipes I publish here in Portuguese Menu were tried by me and if I post anything I never tried before I always mention that. There are quite a few different "Pão de Ló" recipes out there but the one I´ve posted is the recipe my godmother tough me long ago. She just did something different: she weighted the eggs, and used that same weight to measure other ingredients. I use grams, it works well and simplifies the process.

~The second question came from a reader about octopus.
What you have tried is the typical Portuguese octopus salad: "Salada de Polvo". It´s made with (boiled in salted water) octopus, chopped in little pieces, chopped onion and coriander. Then, it´s seasoned with salt, olive oil and vinegar. It´s served cold, in small plates along with bread and, in some regions, olive oils.

~ The third reader requested me to e-mail her a specific Portuguese Christmas recipe. I had planned to publish that recipe last December so I apologize but I ended up traveling to my hometown and had to change my editorial. I still want to post a step-by-step recipe with images and I already have the pictures, I just could not find time and now that Christmas already passed, I´m wondering if I still should publish it now. What do you think guys?


Russ aka Grampy said...

Go ahead and publish it. That is my vote anyway.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Stopping in with from Ask Ms Recipe. I've got a food linky on Marvelous Menu for you to link so we can visit each other. It's posted on Monday, no need for menu anything food related is okay.

Until Next time,

Andrew said...

I feel like i've put on 4 pounds looking at these pictures.

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