1 April 2011

For Coffee Lovers

As you know, I´m a huge coffee lover. I have written about my love for the Art of Coffee and Tea before here in Portuguese Menu.
Although coffee´s exact origins remain unclear, it is said that it was brought to Portugal by the Moors. Portuguese historic connections with Brazil, a top coffee producer, are also well known.
In Portugal, we have many different types of coffee, you can read about them in this website. Personally, I prefer expresso but I can only have one or two per day otherwise I get "electric". I often make homemade instant coffee brands instead.
If you would like to try Portuguese coffee, you can buy it online. I came across Portuguese coffee and other merchandise for the art of coffee at shopwiki.com
You know, "Silva" is one of the most common last names in Portugal and I´m one of them so I found this Portuguese coffee mug very funny :)
Here, many people have the habit to drink their coffee out. It´s a cheap way to enjoy a good expresso, as it cost around 0.70 cents, and socialize with neighbors and friends. In my opinion, in Portugal, coffee can be considered a nationwide tradition, there´s a coffee shop in each corner.
I like to have my coffee at home too. Last year, I made a nice deal with a credit card and received a coffee machine from my favorite brand as gift. If you´re curious...one of my favorite Portuguese coffee brands is "Delta". I think you can find it online too.
Ok guys, I´m off for a mug :)
See you.


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