8 June 2011

What I´ve Been Cooking...

Hello guys,
It´s been a while since my last update, my offline life has been my major focus and I´ve been blogging much less these days... once in a while count me in :)
Although I cook almost every day, I haven´t tried a new recipe in such a long time.
I´ve been cooking the same recipes I already posted here in Portuguese Menu before. I´ve been doing more "Menu Planning" too. I guess we entered in what can be called a meal routine: simple things, soups, eggs, roasted meet, fish, seafood, beans, rice, pasta, some Italian dishes, salads and deserts.
Here´s some of the recipes I´ve been doing:




Semifrio de Bolacha

See you xxx

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WW Recipes said...

The lasagna looks great:D