5 November 2011

Organizing Pots

Besides cooking and blogging I have quite a few different interests and that´s one of the main reasons why I don´t update my blogs as frequently as I wish :)
Besides my long time passion for Stained Glass Art, I enjoy home design and decor. I like Portuguese traditions and although I live in a modern city apartment, my favorite decor style is mixing old and new.
I often visit a few home design websites and sometimes I check home decor magazines not only to learn about the latest trends but also looking for organizing ideas I can use on my own home.
I noticed that in modern kitchens there´s a sort of old Portuguese tradition revival. In some Portuguese countryside villages, like in Alentejo region, the old tradition to store pots is hanging them on walls and racks.
I did a bit of research online and came across enclume pot racks, in the picture above. Some of these racks look like the old Portuguse ones and I think they can be a very good solution to organize my pots. Any enclume pot rack organizing system saves a lot of space and lends the kitchen a different look.
enclume potracks offers three basic rack solutions: Hanging pot racks, wall mounted pot racks and freestanding, plus different accessories.
I surely need to organize my pots, due to lack of space I have them all stored in a “mountain” inside a kitchen cupboard.
And you? How do you organize your pots?

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