9 November 2011

Portuguese Chestnuts are Back

It´s already Winter in Portugal. Our typical and very appreciated Portuguese Chestnuts are back.
Portuguese chestnuts can be found in abundance in the center and north region of the country.
Roasted with Salt, better when they´re still warm...They are sold in dozens and you can find them in some corners of downtown´s streets.
You will hear the typical "pregão": "Quentinhas e Boas!"


Sonia said...

Oh, I LOVE chestnuts. My mother talks about getting them hot on the street in Portugal when she was a girl and the image seems so comforting to me. For some reason the ones in New England don't taste as good as the Portuguese ones. Or maybe I'm just biased. : }

WW Recipes said...

Never tried those but now that I look at them maybe it would not be a bad idea to try:D