27 July 2008

Portuguese Bread

In Portugal you can find many different types of bread. Broadly speaking you could say that each region has it´s own characteristics in what concerns food in general, and bread. Portuguese bread can be made with one, or more, types of flour: wheat, rye, corn, and oat. The most common type of bread is made with wheat flour.
Bread has a very important place in many Portuguese menus, and not only in breakfast. In regions like Alentejo and Algarve, bread is the main ingredient of typical recipes, for example, in different types of "Açorda", "Rabanadas", amongst others.
In the picture above you can see two types of bread we have in Portugal. The big bread is home made type, we call it "Pão Caseiro" and the smaller type is used in sandwiches, we call it "Papo-Seco" or "Carcaça", depending on the district. The first designation is used in south, specially in Algarve, and the second in central Portugal.


Yiling said...

Hi, I am wondering if you can provide the recipe of pão de bico. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You show the picture of the pao caseiro, we call it pao de trigo but no recipe. would you please post the recipe or help me get to it.