21 September 2008

Lazy Weekend Menu: Cheese Omelettes

Hi everyone. Wish you all a good weekend.
Some of my lazy weekend´s Portuguese menus include eggs. We love cheese omelettes, like the one in the picture below. Sometimes I buy very fresh eggs in the local market, others I buy in the supermarkets. I can tell the difference by the colour of the egg.
My tips to make a really soft and tasty omelette are:
While beating the eggs, add 1 soup spoon of milk for each egg, a bit of nutmeg and finely shopped fresh parsley. I use a non adhering frying-pan and half of a teaspoon of vegetable butter to fry it.
I serve omlettes with homemade french fries and seasoned vegetables or a salad. I like them well done with melting cheese inside.
See you soon.


Rachel said...

I love omelettes too. I have started making them for the children with cheese inside. I try to reduce the calories and cook in the pan after I have made the children's and add no new butter. I avoid cheese in mine, preferring mushrooms and/or tomatoes.

Lynda said...

Mmmmmm ... those sound lovely & so easy, too. I have never added nutmeg to mine but I think I'll try it next time, it must enhance the flavour ?

Titania said...

Hi, I just stopped by to have a look at your recipes. They look good and I am sure are very tasty.
Last year at this time I was in Loule spending some time with friends. Beautiful country and great food and I was amazed at the wine sortiment from Portugal. Well, I didn't want to leave without saying Ola.

Anonymous said...

I love omelettes!

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies.
Thanks for your visits and comments.

Rachel: I also love veg omelettes, they are healthier than cheese. I only do them with fresh mushrooms and I cook them first in salted water.
I also do Tortilha, I´ll post it soon. Cheers.

Lynda: Super easy to do and a very good option for those days we don´t feel like cooking complicated recipes.
Groud nutmeg goes very well with eggs, without it my omelettes aren´t the same! Just don´t know how to describe the flavour. Cheers.

Titania: Thanks for your visit and comment. I´m glad you liked my simple Portuguese recipes and my country. Loulé is a good region, the food is great in most restaurants.
Yes we have very good quality wines. Although I don´t drink much, I like Alentejo region red wine and North green type. I also like "Vinho do Porto", known worldwide. Your comment gave me an idea, maybe I should post about drinks too.

My Bug Life: Me too. I do them with many things besides cheese, like ham, vegs, chicken, sausages, shrimps, mixture, etc.

Ken said...

Hahahaha! I love when you said 'lazy weekend menu' ... it might be but it is really delicious and makes a great brunch. Thanks for sharing.