23 September 2008

Portuguese Fruit of the Season

Last week I went to a local market to buy fresh fish, vegetables and fruit. Grape season is ending but I was lucky to find this great Portuguese grapes, called "Uvas Dª. Maria".
The bananas in the pictures are from Madeira Island, another Portuguese DOP product. This bananas are smaller than the usual South America or African type and they´re very tasty too. They´re a bit more expensive but the difference is compensated by the flavour.
I keep bananas in the fridge, their skin becomes darker but inside they stay fresh. Some people wrap bananas in a piece of newspaper before putting in the fridge, it´s said they will last longer. I think it´s a bit weird to have newspaper in the fridge but I´ve tried it and it works.
Another great fruit from a Portuguese island is "Açores Pinaple", naturally sweeter than the common Abacaxi.
Well, one thing we do a lot in my home is fruit salad, even when we only have three or four types of fruits. I will post my recipe of fruit salad later.
Besides fruits and vegs, I also bought different types of fresh fish so my next posts will be about Portuguese fish recipes. See you then.


Rachel said...

I love grapes and bananas too but we always have them imported into the UK. I am finding it pretty hard to find UK grown fruit with the exception of apples, pears and some soft fruits. The children love bananas, apples and melon so I try to get it regularly whatever the season.

Vidhya said...

I love bananas and grapes and those look really fresh Mize. I usually make banana milk shake and give it to my girls.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
Bananas are fruits that grow better in hot or tropical weather. The idea I have of UK is a rainy, foggy and cold weather country, specially in winter. So I think it´s normal you don´t find many local fruits. Some imported fruits and vegs are good quality. I sometimes buy them when our local products are out of season, like with strawberries.

Hi Vidhya:
We also like bananas in milshake and fruit salads. My girl loves it so I buy them often.
My favorite milshake is strawberry.
I´ll visit your blog soon.

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