13 October 2008

Lazy Weekend Lunch

Hi everyone.
Yeap! Here in Portugal we also do the famous "sausages, fried eggs and chips". It may be a little oily but it tastes great and it´s ready in 10 minutes. The chips are homemade, as usual. I like this "menu" so much that sometimes I miss eating it. I always have it as a lunch and never as breakfast, it´s too heavy for an empty stomach. We also eat bread with the eggs.
This weekend I was so lazy to cook... I did a chicken soup, some mushroom baggetes and chicken nuggets with rice, nothing special. Last weekend I wasn´t so lazy and cooked some nice things. I will post last weekend´s recipes soon. See you.


Rachel said...

Sausages, egg and chips was always my husbands favourite meal at school! I have adapted it slightly and we have fish, chips, carrots and peas to make it a bit healthier!

Anonymous said...

These are all-time favourites...esp the eggs sunny side up!

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
A veggie has to adapt many dishes, you don´t eat sausages, right?
Fried eggs aren´t good for diets. Eggs are a good source of protein and yellows have more cholesterol but for diets it´s best to have them cooked in food or boiled.
My daughter likes your dish! She likes different mixtures and peas too.