20 October 2008

My Special Spanish Tortilhas

Hi everyone.
I love egg tortilha, a Spanish traditional dish but very common in Portugal. I do different types of tortilhas because I change the ingredients. After prawn tortilha, the one in the picture is my favorite type.


~ 4 eggs
~ 2 tablespoons of milk
~ 1/2 small onion
~ Homemade chips
~ Cheese - any type
~ 5/8 slices of sweet pepper, both green and red
~ 1/2 teaspoon of vegetable butter
~ Fresh parsley and salt


I like doing omelettes and tortilhas in anti-adherent pan to avoid sticking and because I don´t have to use much butter.
Slice the onion into the pan, add the butter and let it fry (2/3 minutes). Add the chips in a way they cover all pan bottom. Reserve while you prepare the eggs.
In a bowl mix the eggs, milk, fresh parsley and a pinch of salt. Put the pan back in the stove in low temperature. The low temperature is important because egg tortilhas burn easily.
Add the eggs, cheese, and slices of sweet pepper. In another version instead of peppers I use mushrooms.
Let the tortilha fry for some minutes. You can roll it like I did, or just fry in both sides using a plate to help turning the tortilha.
I serve tortilhas with lettuce and carrot salad but it also goes well with rice, chips or any vegetables.
Bom Apetite!


Inya said...

wow, I like to try this.

Rachel said...

Are the homemade chips you use, thin crispy postatoes as in USA potato chips or are they thicker like USA fries / UK chips? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I tasted this before and it's nice!

Liza said...

looks tasty! thanks for sharing the recipe, i'll keep a copy of this.

happy ff!

Kim said...

This looks absolutely delicious. I'll have to try it. Great blog!

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies. Thanks for your comments.

Inya: If you try, let me know what you thought, ok?

Rachel: To use in tortilhas I peel the potatoes and cut them in very thin slices, one by one. Then I fry them in hot oil.
To serve, my family likes both types, slices and "sticks" so many times I cut both types and mix them. I never buy packets, that´s what I mean by homemade.

My bug life: Yes, it´s nice, a cheap and easy to do recipe with many different possibilities, prawns, vegs, cheese, ham, mushrooms, etc.
Your pics are so nice! All the food you post looks so tasty. Cheers.

Liza: If you try it, let me know what you thought.

Kim: Thanks, let me know if you try it. Cheers.

Lindsay said...

we've always had omelets the simplest way. let me try this one. :)