25 October 2008

Portuguese Vegetable Soup

Hi. I´ve been with a nasty flu so I haven´t posted much lately. Today I´m feeling better so I´m back to blogging.
Winter arrived here in Portugal and the cold weather invites for soups. My favorite soups are fish and vegetables.
This soup in the picture is "Agrião" soup. I cook a vegetable base, with potatoes, onions, carrots, olive oil and salt. When this base is cooked I blend it. Then, I add the fresh vegetables I choose for that day: spinach, green beans, different types of cabbage, and sometimes small pasta.
When I want a different soup I mix a few types of vegetables. By the way, we have a Portuguese soup called "Juliana" which consists of a mix usig different vegetables, cooked in a potatoe and onion soup base.
A good cooking weekend.

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