23 November 2008

Portuguese Feijoada – My Beans and Veg Recipe

Hi everyone.
Last weekend I did Portuguese “Feijoada”, a traditional bean´s recipe in my country. I got this recipe from my mother in law. I did a few changes to the recipe, such as adding less fat meat but the taste remains the same, super yumie.
I cook two versions of this recipe, one with pasta and this one, with vegetables.
A fellow blogger, Kim, asked me if I know how to make "Portuguese Baked Beans", I think she refers to Portuguese Feijoada.
Portuguese Feijoada is commonly served with rice, white rice or butter rice: Arroz de Manteiga or Arroz Branco.
I didn´t post the recipe right away because I wanted to cook it first and take some pictures to complement my post. So, here it is:

Portuguese Feijoada


~ 500 gr. Beans
~ 1 Chouriço (spicy red sausage)
~ 400 gr. Pork meat
~ 1 Medium onion
~ 1 Good slice pumpkin
~ 1 Sweet potatoe
~ 1 or 2 Medium tomatoes
~ 2 Carrots
~ Fresh parsley
~ 1 Bay leave
~ Olive oil
~ Water and Salt

~ 1 Cup of rice
~ Water and salt
~ 1 Tablespoon of butter


This recipe takes some time to do because we have to prepare it the day before.
So, in the day before cooking, I shop all ingredients, specially dry beans, vegs and the meat, including chouriço. I use a type of brown beans that we call "Catarino" but you can use other types you find where you live.
I use pork feet (the end part) and, sometimes, I use both pork and beef.
You can also buy the meat on the day you´re cooking to be fresh. I normally cook this dish on Sundays so I buy everything on Saturday morning.

1 – The Day Before Cooking:

~ Put the beans on water for 24 hours and change it 3 or 4 times during that period of time:

Dry beans, type "Catarino"

2- The day you´re cooking:

~ Prepare the meat, remove unecessary fat
~ If you use beef, cut it in small cubes
~ Don´t cut the saussage, use it whole
~ Peel and cut in small pieces all vegetables:

Punpkin and sweet potatoe in cubes and carrots in slices

3 – Use the pressure cook pan.
Put the ingredients in the pan by this order:

Beans, onion, tomatoe, meat, chouriço on top of meat, a bit of parsley, 1 bay leave, olive oil, salt to taste and 3 cups of water.
Cook for 30 minutes in medium heat.

4 - While Feijoada is in the pressure pan I cook the rice to serve with it.
I cook rice in salted water for 8/10 minutes. Then, I wash it well with cold water. After that, I put it back in the pan with ¼ cup of water, take it to stove, add one tablespoon of butter, rectify salt, cook for a few more minutes and it´s done.
Set aside.

After 30 minutes let the pressure pan cool before opening. Check the meats with a fork, they should be cooked by now.
Remove chouriço and the pork meat. Reserve to serve later with Feijoada.

5 - Add all vegetables and rectify water and salt. Cook for more 15 minutes without closing the pressure pan or 8 minutes with pressure.
In this final step I like to cook Feijoada without closing the pan because I can check if vegs are well cooked and the sauce gets more thicker than with closed pan.
When carrots are cooked it´s ready to serve.

That´s how my Portuguese Feijoada looked like:

This recipe serves 4.
Bom Apetite!


Sandi said...

it looks very good! I wish I could make something like that. I might try it someday.

Gina said...

My cousin is from Brasil and she makes feijoada, but she uses black beans, and a lot of meat, and it is delicious! This version looks good too.

Mizé said...


Sandi: It´s not difficult, it takes preparation time, than it´s only adding things and cook in pressure pan. If you like beans, Feijoada is yummie and healthy too.

Gina: Yes, in Brasil they make Feijoada with black beans. This recipe is traditional only in Portugal.
I have tried the brasilian way too, my father lived in Brasil 13 years and did excellent Feijoada.
In my opinion the taste is similar, both yummie :)

mom811 said...

Wow, Mize! I didn't know you're a superb cook! Hmmm how I wish one day I can partake of food you cook yourself (go to Portugal? hehe)!