21 November 2008

Portuguese Menu Received Blog Awards

Hi everyone.
I´m honoured to announce that Portuguese Menu received two blog awards.
The first award, called Uberaward, was offered by Everything Has a Reason. Thanks! I´m honoured.

Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:
~ inspires you
~ makes you smile and laugh
~ or maybe gives amazing information
~ a great read
~ has an amazing design
~ and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

The rules of this award are:

~ Put the logo on your blog or post.
~ Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!
~ Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
~ Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

The second award is the Brillante Weblog and was passed to Portuguese Menu by Empty Streets. Thanks, it was a very good surprise. You´re very kind and your support has been great. You´re a Brillante Blogger Too!

To show my appreciation for both of you I´d like to award you with a Portuguese friendship prize: "This Blog Invests and Belives in Proximity".
This award is fun, it doesn´t have specific rules, you decide what to do.

Now, I´d like to pass all three awards to great food blogs I found trough Entrecard. With no order in special, I pass this awards to:

~ All About Cakes

~ Authentic Greek Recipes

~ Cooking with Kuting

~ Ask Ms Recipe

~ Mom´s Cafe Homecooking

~ My Kitchen Table

~ Cooking from the heart

~ My kitchen



Liza said...

well deserved awards, congratulations ;)

have a wonderful weekend.

Mommy's Little Corner

Empty Streets said...

I love it :)yayy thanks so much Mize :) xoxo

liza said...

hi mize! i am tagging you, http://liz.mommyslittlecorner.com/2008/11/game-of-tag.html, no pressure though, if you can't do it i understand ;)

have fun!

kuting said...

weeeeeeeeeeeehh!!! thanks a lot! i really appreciate it....*so happy*

Lanie said...

Hi thanks for giving me this award in my food blog. I will grab it now. thanks a lot.

DCRose said...

I am overwhelmed! Three awards all at once. You are truly a good blogging friend. Thanks so much and I will do my best to live up to these awards and pass them on to equally deserving bloggers.
Fondly, DCRose

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies and Gents :)
You´re all great bloggers and deserve all the best!

Lisa: Thanks! I´ll check it as soon as possible.


symposio said...

Hi & many, many thanks for the awards! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I got caught up in something.

I love your blogs and I am very fond of all the Portuguese people I have met.

All the best!