26 November 2008

Portuguese Fresh Octopus

Hi everyone.
Remember my post "Octopus Salad"?
Well, a friend fisherman brought us this two beauties:

This two Octopus weight over one kilo each and were really fresh. I cleaned them and froze. They become tender and cook better when they´re first frozen.
Here in Portugal we have a few traditional Christmas dishes.
By tradition, most Catholics don´t eat meat on Christmas eve. Instead, we have Codfish and Octopus dishes. Octopus is traditional in north regions while Codfish is nationwide.
This time, I´ll cook Octopus rice with vegetables, it´s wintertime and the weather doesn´t invite cold salads.
I´ll share that recipe later.
See you soon.


Anonymous said...

I have never tasted this before..as I always give it a pass everytime I see this dish served in a Japanese restaurant. Hmm..I should try it one day :)

kuting said...

i haven't tried it as well... how does it taste?

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for commenting.

Have you ever tried squids?
I think the taste is similar but depends on how you cook it.
The secret of cooking tender octopus is freezing it first, than cook it with water, onion, salt and olive oil in pressure-pan, like I mention in my previous post.
You should try it, it´s very good.

Empty Streets said...

Mize you scared me with that Octopus hehehe :) I have something for yah this Thanksgiving over at Empty Streets and a cool Quiz that tells your blogging personality :) heheh Have fun :)

liza said...

aahhh, so that's how you make it tender. i stayed away from cooking octopus because the meat tends to get tough. thanks for the tip ;)

have a great weekend.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Ahh uma saladinha de polvo ou um arrozinho!K maravilha!

Babette said...

Hi Mize, sure, lets exchange links with my blog. Do you mean this one Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink?

Lanie said...

Hi Mize I like octopus, I remember my father use to go into the beach and bring some octopus he catch. I cook with venegar with spice.. that is yummy.

wendy said...

I've never tasted authentic Portuguese food.I'd love to try it though. Didn't know Portugal is blessed with so much sea food!

Here in my side of the globe Catholics eat meat! Its their way of celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Hi Mize =) happy cooking and blogging !