4 November 2008

Portuguese Menu Received E Blog Award

Hi everyone. I´m happy to announce that Portuguese Menu received the E blog award from Lynda´s Food Fun & Farm Blog:

Thanks so much Lynda! You caught me by surprise, a very good surprise!
I love your blog and I will visit it always, even if I don´t comment. Cheers!

To my readers: If you like food and to discover different cultures, check out Lynda´s blog!
She shares her knowledge about Africa, travels, local and personal stories, farm activities, places, art, pets, etc. Lynda´s blog has all this, mixed with good humor and positive thinking.
Although Lynda posts about different topics, her blog focus is food. You´ll find yummie recipes she cooks with pictures included. You´ll also discover the great things she does with few resources available near Kilimanjaro mountain.
Warning: This blog is hooking, read it once and you won´t resist, check out by yourself.

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