28 December 2008

Portuguese "Suspiros"

What you see in the picture above is a traditional Portuguese sweet, called "Suspiros", ready to go to my oven.
Suspiros are very easy to do, the secret is in the oven time and temperature.

Ingredients for 8 Suspiros:

~ 2 egg whites
~ 1 cup of sugar
~ 1 teaspoon of butter


Beat two egg whites so they get thicker. Add sugar (at least, one cup) and keep beating until you have a consistent type of dough.
I use a spoon to model the dough in circles, directly in the oven tray, and I separate each other so they don´t glue. The oven tray was previosly covered with cooking paper and a bit of butter.
Suspiros take around 10/15 minutes in 150ºC oven(depending on their size). Suspiro´s dough grows while cooking and becomes golden. When ready, they looked like this:

Yummie, but very caloric :)
Although we love Suspiros, I only do them once or twice a year.
See you.


Lynda said...

Mmmmm .... those look delicious and similar to what we call meringues, eaten with ice cream (or whipped cream) they are delicious - thanks for sharing your recipe :)

Reeni said...

They look so good, I love how they puff up! They are like the meringues we have here, but ours are much smaller.

shy said...

I will like to taste it..

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies.
Thanks for your visit and comments.

Lynda: Yes, they´re similar to Merengues (as we call it) or Meringues. I never tried with ice cream. I think next summer I will.

Mizé said...

Hi Reeni:
Yes, me too. I also like the caramel color they get.
Those in the picture didn´t come out very well but my next ones did.
I will blog about the difference between them.
Your caramel cake looks so nice!

Mizé said...

Hi Shy.
They´re so easy to do, and very sweet. Harder outside and soft inside. They´re a great treat.

Anonymous said...

sorry but they look gross, they didn't hold their shape.