13 February 2009

Cheese Bread: "Pão de Queijo"

Hi everyone.
I recently did cheese bread balls, which is a covert/snack we all adore.
I did a normal bread dough with flour, salt and water that rested for half an hour.
Then, I shapped the dough in small balls. Before baking I inserted cheese cubes inside the balls, closing carefully.
After baking the small balls for 30 minutes in 220ºC oven, the cheese melted and gave the bread a wonderful taste.
I used a Portuguese cheese called "Queijo da Ilha", which is produced in Azores island. This cheese is salted and has a strong taste that reminds me Italian Parmesan. It was yummie!
See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Interesting recipe !! Do we get these balls in shops as well ? Given that it does not call for sugar/eggs it is quite tempting for me.
few queries though hope you don't mind
1. the flour used is com fermento ? or the normal one that does not ferment ?
2. Do we get this cheese in regualr local shops ? and you places chunks of it or grated one ?


liza said...

This is my nemesis, making breads. Pao de queijo looks like our local "Puto" made out of rice flour.

Ori said...

This one is my fav.
I just recently knew it and I can say I really like it!! Too bad I only know one shop who sells it in my city.