29 September 2009

Nothing New in my Portuguese Kitchen

I´d like to apologize to my visitors and readers for the lack of new recipes and weekly updates here in Portuguese Menu.
I´ve been really busy with my full time job at the hospital, it´s crazy schedules and night shifts. Because I´m still not used to so many schedule´s changes, lately, nothing much has happened in my kitchen. I´ve only been cooking simple recipes, buying ready to eat food and sometimes eating out.
Every recipe I´ve been cooking is already published here. Plus, I like to post my own pictures in all posts and without time to cook or research new food topics the result is a lack of new content. Maybe I should change this rule and post my recipes anyway.
Despite my full time job, I still find time to update my other blogs more frequently than Portuguese Menu.
With Winter approaching, salad´s season is ending. I hope to get back with warm food recipes I haven´t cooked in a long time.
See you :)

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berenike said...

Hello! Thank-you so much for going to the trouble of looking me up and posting a commnet :-)

I googled "ovos moles" and I think that was it! It was when I was somehow getting to Fatima (knowing no Portuguese or any romance language, without a map or any idea of what transport links to Fatima are like) that I had them, I think - I remember being happily in some town not really knowing where I was or how to get anywhere, but sublimely unworried, and seeing these in a window of a satisfyingly non-chain-like patisserie :-)

Thank you again!