30 March 2010

Fruit Of The Season: Strawberries

Spring arrived to Portugal and it´s fruit of the season are Strawberries. In Spring Strawberries start appearing in local supermarkets but their "high season" is throughout Summer.
In Algarve, the region of Portugal in which I live, there are strawberries plantations but south Spain (our neighbor country) is a bigger producer of this type of fruit. This month, I bought the box you can see in the picture above from a local seller for 5.00 Euros. In the supermarket the same box could cost the double or more. In Spring, strawberries are sold for 4.00 Euros/ Kilo but in Summer they´re much less expensive. I´ve bought them for as low as 1.50 Euros per Kilo.
Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, they are versatile and I can do so many things with them... fruit salad, cakes, pies and my favorite: Milkshakes.

First I wash strawberries with water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. I remove leafs and cut them in half into the blender´s cup. I add milk (enough to cover all strawberries) and 1/2 spoons of sugar. Three minutes blending and the milkshake is ready, it even makes foam :)
Awesome as breakfast... or any time of the day!


Simply Delicious said...

Yummy! It's perfect for our hot weather here. :)

anadrol said...

Season fruit is No.1. Strawberries are not just delicious, they are healthy too! Full of vitamin C. I love milkshake too, but I don't put sugar in it.

Mizé said...

Simply Delicious: Yes, I also like cool milkshake. In Algarve, fresh good quality Strawberries can only be found in late Spring /beginning of Summer (April, May, June). In other seasons only frozen.
You´re right, it´s a good healthy drink for hot weather.

Anadrol: You´re right about the sugar addition...the healthier version is without sugar because strawberries already have it (fructose).
Thanks both for commenting :)