20 April 2010

Portuguese Seasoning

Portuguese cooking can vary from region to region. Each region has it´s own costumes, traditions and a distinguished Portuguese accent.
In the biggest cities of Portugal you can find different types of Restaurants such as: Italian, Brazilian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, African and, like in all big cities, the most known fast food companies. We have a diversity of "cusines" (flavors, seasonings, cultures) at hand mixed with traditional Portuguese dishes.
One of my goals in Portuguese Menu is sharing what it´s typically Portuguese. For this reason, I´m going to replace the section "Portuguese Herbs" by "Portuguese Seasonings" and publish more posts about this topic.
As basic ingredients, many Portuguese traditional dishes use:

Garlic, Onion and Bay Leafs.
My previous Portuguese Herbs post shows: Parsley and Peppermint which, in addition to Coriander, can be considered Portuguese most used seasonings.

Photo: photosearch.com

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