17 October 2010

Some Portuguese Strange Dishes

Today, for lunch, I had a Portuguese dish I hadn´t in years..."Língua de Porco Estufada" which is a pork tongue stew. When I lived in my mother´s house, she used to cook this dishe´s cow version and I loved it. When properly cleaned, seasoned and well cooked, tongue is a very tender meat, you almost don´t need to chew it.
Later this evening, I was thinking about the next recipe to post here in Portuguese Menu when I realized we Portuguese have a few "strange" typical meals. Ok, not as strange as eating cockroaches, scorpions or flowers but different enough to be noticed.
So, I though about posting the name of a few Portuguese dishes that can be strange to some people:

~ Pipis - chicken livers, necks and "moelas"

~ Túbaros - Pork testicles

~ Orelha de Porco - Seasoned pork ear

~ Pézinhos - Last portion of pork´s leg

~ Dobrada - Cow stomachs

~ Língua - Tongue, both cow and pork

~ Ovas - fish eggs

~ Jaquinzinhos - baby "carapaus" fish

~ Petingas - baby sardines

All great dishes with typical seasonings you can find in the best Portuguese restaurants. Spanish "Tapas" can´t beat Portuguese "Petiscos" :)

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Anna said...

I used to mercella when I was a kid growing up in my Portuguese family...don't know if I spelled that right, but it was made with pig's blood. Now that is a Portuguese dish that is "different" to me.