18 July 2009

Portuguese Bacalhau à Brás

Bacalhau à Brás is a typical Portuguese codfish recipe. You can find this codfish dish in good restaurants countrywide.
Here´s my recipe:


~ 300 gr of dry salted codfish
~ 4 potatoes
~ 1 small onion
~ 1 garlic clove
~ 3 eggs
~ fresh parsley
~ 1 bay leaf
~ 2 tablespoons of olive oil
~ oil to fry potatoes


1. Boil the codfish. Remove skin and fish bones.
2. Beat the eggs, add fresh parsley finely chopped and a pitch of salt. The codfish is already salted so you don´t need to use more salt. Reserve.
3. Peel potatoes and cut them in small pieces. Fry potatoes in oil:

4. Chop the onion into a cooking pan, add the olive oil, garlic glove (peeled but whole) and one bay leaf. Fry for 2 minutes in low heat, add the codfish and fry for 2 more minutes, mixing well so the onion doesn´t burn.

5. Add potatoes and, finally, the eggs. Cook for 3 minutes, until eggs are done.

I like to serve Bacalhau à Brás with lettuce salad.

Typically, this dish is served with olive oils too.
Bom Apetite!


Anonymous said...

Looked like a tasty dish. I have tasted bacalhau when I was in Lisbon...but not cooked this way. It was baked.

Felix said...

Locally called salt fish, we use it in many dishes in Trinidad and Tobago
. One of my favourites is Buljol. The bacalhau a bras looks great

mp3 download said...

nice food, is this ronaldo favourite foof?

sal said...

It's usually served with a few.. maybe 6-8... small black olives on top, the ones that are very salty and a slightly reddish color. Sounds like it wouldn't matter much, but provided you have the right kind of olives, it makes all the difference.