12 July 2009

Shrimp & Cheese Omelete

Hello everyone.
Since I started working full time, I don´t have as much time to cook as before. I cook more elaborated meals in my day off but when I´m working I have to make simple things. This doesn´t mean our meals are less tasty or healthy.
Now that Summer´s here we prefer salads, pasta, pizza, barbecue and omelets, like the one in the picture above. Omeletes are easy to do and we can add anything we like: Cheese, bacon, ham, mushrooms or other vegetables, sea food, chicken, ground beef, etc.
I always use olive oil to fry omelets and I serve them with seasoned carrots, beet root or lettuce salad to make a balanced meal.
I will be back with a more elaborated Portuguese recipe soon.

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